Infertility is a problem that can affect anyone, regardless of gender, health status, or genetics. It can be taxing on your emotional health, especially if you and your partner have struggled for a long time with trying to get pregnant. At VitalityMDs, we can help assess the possible causes of infertility and explore the best options based on your goals and preferences.

Hormone Therapy

Infertility can sometimes be caused by lower hormone levels. Hormone Replacement Therapy helps restore your hormone levels to a healthier status, improving many different areas of your health. Hormone therapy can also be customized to your lifestyle with a variety of modalities.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

For some men, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) presents additional challenges to growing a family. At VitalityMDs, we offer a variety of ED treatments to help improve your overall health and help you and your partner feel confident in intimate situations.

Prostate Cancer Screening

Prostate Cancer can have a variety of effects on your overall and sexual health. For example, it may cause difficulty getting an erection or lower your libido. Prostate cancer screening can help catch it before it spreads, and give you and your partner time to explore ways to preserve your fertility for the future.


If you plan to become pregnant, it’s important to ensure your body has everything it needs to provide nutrients to your baby. We offer a curated selection of pharma-grade supplements to help support your body’s many functions and set your pregnancy up for success.

Low Libido and Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can take many different forms in men and women. In either case, sexual dysfunction and disinterest in sex can make it difficult for you and your partner to achieve pregnancy. There are many different factors that can cause low libido and sexual dysfunction which should be explored to give you your best options for achieving a successful pregnancy.

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