Migraines are headaches that can cause severe throbbing pain or pulsing. People who suffer from migraines can experience symptoms such as movement, light, and sound sensitivity which can trigger pain, nausea, visual disturbances, and more. At VitalityMDs, we offer a number of treatment options to help treat migraines.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a unique approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of a disease instead of just treating the symptoms. There may be many different diagnoses that contribute to an individual’s illness. Our team will treat the root causes to help improve your migraines.

Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormones are artificial hormones that are extremely similar to the hormones produced by the body. They are derived from natural sources and can help balance hormone levels of individuals living with hormone related symptoms. Bioidentical hormones are available in many different forms, including pills, patches, creams, gels, shots, and implanted pellets.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivities are adverse reactions that are delayed and are rarely life-threatening but can affect your overall health and mood with unwanted symptoms such as headaches and migraines. Food sensitivity testing can help to pinpoint the foods that you should avoid to feel your best.

Weight Loss

VitalityMDs utilizes a collaborative process to assess and educate our patients in decisions related to achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness. This is accomplished through effective coaching on lifestyle changes, weight management, stress reduction, and customized nutrition programs. We have created weight loss and nutrition programs that will work for you to achieve your goals, boost metabolism, restore gut health, balance hormones, detoxify and lose weight which can be beneficial for helping to reduce migraines.

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