VitalityMDs utilizes a collaborative process of assessment to engage and educate our patients in decisions related to achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness. This is accomplished through effective coaching on lifestyle changes, weight management, stress reduction, and customized nutrition programs while offering unparalleled support.


We have created weight loss and nutrition programs that will work for you to achieve your goals, boost metabolism, restore gut health, balance hormones, detoxify and lose weight!


HCG Weight Loss Program — Our most popular weight loss program

The Lifestyle Weight Loss Program — A permanent solution to weight loss

Peptide Therapy — Designed to help you look and feel better


Our metabolic cleansing and detox programs include healthy meal replacement shakes and supplements containing nutrients to curb cravings, optimize metabolism, and support weight loss efforts while promoting detoxification. Additionally, our cleansing programs support gut health, balance blood sugar and insulin levels, and include a whole food flexible meal plan to reduce inflammation and help your body function optimally.


Our gut health programs consist of evaluation, leaky gut and food sensitivity testing and diagnosis, and a customized treatment plan that involves eliminating reactive foods, making diet and lifestyle changes, detox, and supplementation, including guidance through the 5R Gut Repair Protocol.

Dalia Blunt, MS, NBC-HWC

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Certified Nutritionist & Health Coach

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