The Lifestyle Weight Loss Program is a permanent solution to weight loss because it is a solution for life. It is a natural, safe, and effective program for healthy weight loss and weight management. This program is not a diet but a lifestyle that will include a healthy eating plan consisting of delicious whole foods. You will learn how to eat for optimal health and the ideal portions to keep you satisfied and keep the weight off!

This 8-week natural weight loss program includes:

  • Four Skinny (B12 Fat Burner) Shots
  • Strategies for permanent weight loss and weight management
  • Learning how to eat for optimal energy and health
  • Food portioning tips to keep you satisfied and help you lose weight
  • Learning new wellness and physical activity habits to help you live a healthier lifestyle
  • Guidance on how to balance blood sugar, beat belly bloat, curb sugar cravings and
    overcome emotional eating
  • Diet history and weight loss goal evaluation
  • Biweekly follow-ups/weigh-ins
  • Body fat percentage and body measurement progress tracking
  • One-on-one nutritional counseling
  • Lifestyle Guidebook which includes:
    • Flexible meal plan
    • Success journal
    • Menu planning strategies and sample menus
    • Delicious recipes
Dalia Blunt, MS, NBC-HWC

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