Until his passing in November of 2023, Dr. Burt Webb was an institution in Scottsdale and the entire Phoenix metro area, leaving a 40-year legacy of patient care and deep passion for his work. In celebration of all he meant to his wonderful family, patients, peers, co-workers, hospital staff and the thousands of children he brought into the world, we share the bio he created acknowledging a life well lived!

Growing up in a small farming & oil town and then going to Stanford University for undergraduate premed studies was a real eye-opener for me. I had no idea there were so many different ideas, beliefs, and diverse cultures in the world. I loved my experience there. At Stanford, I was a varsity swimmer and water polo player. In addition, I played rugby and spent a lot of time in the library. Because of my interest in maximizing my athletic performance, I developed an interest in nutrition and supplements.

After college, I reviewed research on lipids before going to Tulane Medical School in New Orleans for a four-year program. I enjoyed my time there, as the culture was interesting and there were students from all over the United States. I then completed my four-year OB/GYN residency in Phoenix before starting my private practice in Scottsdale in 1984.

Towards the end of my residency and the beginning of my private practice, I was able to feed my desire for adrenaline sports. I did everything from helicopter skiing to whitewater rafting and kayak surfing and competed in several world body surfing championships. This is when my interest in traveling started. I had the incredible opportunity to take trips to unique places in Mexico and Irian Jaya where we looked for cannibals. Somewhere in there, I had four children whom I enjoy being connected with and from whom I learned so much. My wife Terri keeps me grounded every day and helps me work towards being a better person, physician, and father.

Hormones have always been my passion. Even while delivering 11,000 babies over nearly 40 years with little sleep, I was studying hormones. Now that I’m no longer delivering babies, I devote all my time to specializing in women’s and men’s hormones as well as intimate wellness. I also specialize in helping women with pain and discomfort during intercourse and developing techniques to treat leaky bladders without surgery. Too many men and women complain of low energy and low libido, and becoming a true hormone expert has been my passion.

To sum it up, I specialize in:

  1. evaluating women and men who want to feel better
  2. safe use of bioidentical hormones for women and men
  3. intimate wellness – improving sensation libido and vaginal rejuvenation for women; improving energy libido and performance for men
  4. fixing leaking bladders without needing to perform surgery.

My overall care philosophy dates back to my college training and using a functional medicine approach in which I educate patients using scientific research, answering questions, and using the safest techniques and ideas with patients’ needs and desires to develop treatment plans.

Dr. Burt Webb