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Hormone imbalance is associated with a wide array of health issues, such as fatigue, weight gain, and mood changes. If you sense your hormones are off, the medical experts at VitalityMDs in Scottsdale, Arizona, offer solutions. They check hormone levels using a simple blood test and offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for symptom relief. Schedule an appointment with VitalityMDs over the phone or online to learn more about your options.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Q & A

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy can balance your hormones using synthetic bioidentical hormones, or hormones that are identical to hormones naturally present in your body. 

Examples include testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, and thyroid hormone. Hormone therapy helps relieve unpleasant symptoms related to menopause in women and age-related changes in both men and women.

What are the benefits of hormone replacement therapy?

Balancing hormones can help reduce the following symptoms often associated with hormone imbalance:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain or increase in body fat
  • Vaginal dryness, burning, or itching
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Urinary incontinence 
  • Sexual dysfunction or a low sex desire
  • Depression, irritability, and other mood changes
  • Problems sleeping
  • Hot flashes or night sweats
  • Thinning hair

Hormone replacement therapy is noninvasive but can drastically improve your quality of life.

What should I expect during treatment?

When you arrive at VitalityMDs for your appointment, your doctor reviews your symptoms and medical history. They complete an exam and use blood tests to check hormone levels and establish the hormone therapy treatment that’s right for you. Different types of hormone therapy include:

Oral medications

Using hormone therapy in pill form is a simple way to normalize hormone imbalances.

Hormone pellets

Bioidentical hormone pellets are tiny pellets the size of a grain of rice your doctor inserts underneath the skin to slowly release hormones into your body over time. They numb the area prior to insertion so you don’t feel any pain.

Vaginal applications

Low-dose vaginal hormone therapy products come as a tablet, vaginal ring, or cream you apply to the vaginal area for symptom relief.

Additional hormone treatments

In addition to pills, other treatments that can balance your hormones include shots, skin patches, gels, creams, or sprays you can apply to your body.

Am I a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy?

Your doctor lets you know if you’re a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy based on your health and risk factors. 

Hormone therapy may not be right for you if you might be pregnant, have problems with vaginal bleeding, or you’ve had certain cancers, stroke, heart attack, blood clots, or liver disease.

During treatment, your doctor monitors hormone levels periodically using blood tests to make sure your therapy is effective. They adjust hormone dosages as needed to maintain a normal level of thyroid hormone, estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone.

Don’t live with fatigue, weight gain, and other symptoms of hormone problems when simple solutions are available at VitalityMDs. Schedule an appointment for a hormone therapy evaluation over the phone or online today.