Vaginal Tightening


Laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery has helped many Scottsdale women who experience vaginal looseness. The condition often is a result of traumatic childbirth, age, genetics or a combination of these factors. The specially trained vaginal rejuvenation surgeons at Scottsdale center for Women’s Health have performed laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery for countless women. Laser vaginal rejuvenation is a quick, safe and proven procedure that is often compared to another cosmetic vaginal surgery procedure known as vaginoplasty. Women who have had Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR) agree that their increase in sexual gratification and the overall appearance of their vagina has transformed their lives immeasurably, while also enhancing their intimate relationships.

Performed at Scottsdale Center for Women’s Health, cosmetic vaginal surgery is a fast outpatient surgery that address the damaged vaginal muscles that cause a loose vagina. Laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery can also be used to address the actual appearance of a woman’s vagina. During laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery the surgeons at Scottsdale Center for Women’s Health use a laser to create a small incision in the lining of the vagina. Then the surgeon tightens the vaginal muscles and removes any excess tissue from the inner portion of the vagina. This makes the diameter of the vaginal tube smaller thus making the vagina tighter.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation After Child Birth

Often women consider vaginal rejuvenation after childbirth. The reason for this is that many women experience increased vaginal looseness or vaginal laxity, after childbirth.

Vaginal deliveries, especially those that are traumatic, will cause a woman’s vaginal muscles to stretch, and the vaginal opening to become enlarged. This can cause tears in the vaginal muscles, which often weaken the vagina, leading to eventual vaginal looseness. Many women interested in vaginal rejuvenation surgery are also interested in other forms of cosmetic vaginal surgery, such as Labiaplasty.

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