The Love Procedure


Over the past year we’ve focused on non-surgical vaginal and bladder rejuvenation with the addition of the Femilift laser, The O Shot, and most recently Geneveve. In fact, we are the first physicians in Arizona, and amongst five in the country to offer Geneveve vaginal rejuvenation. These procedures are excellent ways to help reduce bladder leaking, tighten the vagina, cure vaginal dryness and painful sex, as well as increase sexual sensitivity and orgasm.They are performed in our office without the need for anesthesia because they are virtually painless and there’s no downtime. These procedures have been absolute game changers for women suffering from these conditions, and I feel so fortunate to have these great tools to help my patients. I was so impressed with the results from Femilift and the O Shot individually, so I decided to combine them into one treatment and “The LOVE Procedure” was born (Laser. O Shot. Vaginal. Enhancement). The synergy of these two procedures has been amazing, and when combined with hormone optimization, has given my patients a renewed sense of well-being, sexual confidence, bladder control and a new lease on life!

When it comes to these types of issues and procedures, there aren’t any other physicians in Arizona as qualified or knowledgeable as Dr. Webb and I. We’re proud and honored to be the pioneers and experts when it comes to hormone optimization and vaginal/bladder rejuvenation.

The satisfaction I get from seeing my patients transform their lives with these procedures and bioidentical hormone optimization has renewed and invigorated my passion for medicine. I want to promote awareness of these problems and let women know that there are promising new solutions. To that end, we’re having a “Feel the Love Event: Feel Better, Function Better, and Look Better- A Better You 2017” hosted by Dave Pratt on February 8th, 2018.

 In March, Dr. Russell Bartels was awarded a trademark for the “LOVE Procedure” by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Scottsdale Center for Women’s Health is celebrating by offering the Love Procedure.

The LOVE Procedure is a combination of all three of our innovative noninvasive Vaginal and Bladder Rejuvenation treatments- Geneveve, Femilift and the O Shot. Each procedure can be used individually, but when combined are synergistic and give even better results. These treatments are used to enhance sexual pleasure by tightening the vagina and rejuvenating the vaginal skin, increase blood flow and nerve sensation in the G Spot and clitoris, and increase lubrication. These same treatments help with embarrassing and bothersome leaky and overactive bladders by rejuvenating the tissue that surrounds and supports the bladder. Tired of urine leakage when exercising, hiking, coughing/sneezing?
For women bothered by vaginal looseness, decreased sexual sensitivity, painful sex, or bladder control issues, there has never been a better time to address your concerns. With this amazing offer, you don’t have to choose just one treatment, you can get all three!


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