You, Your Sex Life, and Your Hormones: What You Should Know

You, Your Sex Life, and Your Hormones: What You Should Know

Teens aren’t the only ones whose moods, sleeping habits, and quests for romance are driven by their hormones. The ultra-sophisticated message delivery system governs our body systems throughout our entire lives.

The organs of your endocrine system, including your pituitary gland, pancreas, and thyroid (just to name a few), impact everything from your appetite and mood to your reproductive capabilities and energy levels. 

Your hormones can also become unbalanced, which results in a range of unpleasant symptoms. These include reduced libido and uncomfortable or painful sex for women.

Dr. Burt Webb and Dr. Russel Bartels have devoted their careers to helping men and women experiencing intimacy challenges. The source of these problems can be varied, but often, it can be traced to your hormones. Our VitalityMDs team, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, offers a treatment that can restore your sex life and bring your hormones back into equilibrium. Our practice offers a range of advanced care for other conditions, too. 

Hormone Imbalance Affects Both Men and Women

You may associate hormonal imbalance primarily with women since they’re the ones who go through menopause and experience a pronounced reduction in estrogen. But men experience a “change of life,” too. 

Many people are also unaware that both men and women need healthy levels of estrogen and testosterone to enjoy sex. Lower progesterone levels also impact both genders. In fact, progesterone is necessary for testosterone to be produced. 

The primary symptom of imbalanced hormones in women is vaginal dryness, which makes sex painful. It is caused by an estrogen deficit, which thins vaginal tissue, making it delicate. Women also need testosterone to maintain their sex drive. 

Hormones in flux can also disturb a woman’s sleep and cause irritability. And it’s difficult to get in the mood if you’re tired and grumpy!

Men whose hormones aren’t at the levels they should be may experience erectile dysfunction (ED), as well as low sex drive. 

Hormone issues can also cause weight gain, which may affect one’s self-esteem and make it harder to find the confidence necessary to truly enjoy sex and become aroused. 

Is there any help if my sex life is suffering due to a hormone imbalance?

Yes! Our VitalityMDs team is proud to offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Our patients are pleased with the treatment’s advantages, including:

At VitalityMDs, you can receive BHRT orally, vaginally for women, and via shots, sprays, and creams. You can also receive BHRT from a skin patch or small pellets inserted underneath your skin. These pellets are time-released, so the distribution of hormones into your body is gradual. 

Our VitalityMDs providers administer a blood test to review your hormones after discussing the symptoms caused by your imbalance. If we recommend BHRT, treatment can be recalibrated if necessary, should your needs change. 

After receiving treatment, women’s vaginal dryness, discomfort during sex, and feelings of reduced desire are erased, and men can get an erection, sustain it, and have the energy needed to fuel a healthy libido! When both partners’ hormonal balance is restored, their passion is rekindled.

No one should ignore these types of problems, especially when a solution is available. Call VitalityMDs today to learn more about BHRT or book an appointment using our convenient online booking tool

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