Who’s At Risk For Erectile Dysfunction?

Who’s At Risk For Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) isn’t something you need to keep secret. It may be difficult to discuss, but any condition that gets in the way of a satisfying intimate relationship with your partner deserves attention — and treatment. 

You’re far from alone if you experience sexual difficulties. An estimated 31% of men and 43% of women grapple with them. When it comes specifically to ED, it’s thought that approximately 30 million men experience it.

The VitalityMDs team dedicates itself to helping patients with a range of health issues, and sexual dysfunction is a key area that we treat. Dr. Russell Bartels and Dr. Burt Webb focus their practice on supporting patients in every aspect of their journey to wellness, and we acknowledge that sexual satisfaction is critical to your quality of life. 

Men’s health experts Dr. Bartels and Gina Tome, FNP, our nurse practitioner, administer our ED treatments with great knowledge and care. 

What it means to have erectile dysfunction

It’s absolutely normal to have problems with your erection occasionally, but certain factors point to ED:

ED can be a brief problem, or it may last years. We encourage men not to let the problem go on, however, because treatments exist that can turn your sex life around. 

Who is more likely to be affected by ED?

Many physical and emotional factors are linked to increased ED risk. Certain health conditions, medications, and mental health issues can all contribute to making you more likely to experience ED: 

This list of ED causes is lengthy, but don’t get disheartened. It just means that there are more factors we can check out as possible causes, which is good, and this generally leads to resolution. 

The important thing is to seek help rather than trying to figure out how to solve your ED-related problems alone.

What can help with my erectile dysfunction?

Although the advent of the “little blue pill,” Viagra, was a game-changer in ED treatment, we offer a range of options, and it starts with a look at your daily habits and health. 

Since we believe in creating a customized treatment plan based on your needs only, we start by having a candid conversation about your erectile problems, how frequently they happen, your overall lifestyle, medical history, and other factors. 

Many men have their ED figured out just by the diagnosis of a chronic condition like diabetes. Once we get that under control, ED symptoms often disappear. Next, we examine your lifestyle, and if there are problematic practices, like smoking, drinking to excess, or lack of exercise, we help you find solutions. Again, once these get under control, your ED frequently vanishes. 

If further treatment is needed, you have innovative choices:

  1. Prescription oral medications typically work to improve blood flow to your penis when you engage in foreplay. 
  2. The P-Shot is a regenerative treatment, or one that harnesses your body’s own healing powers to correct your ED. We draw a blood sample, spin it in a device called a centrifuge, and the reconstituted, platelet-rich blood is injected into your penis. The results? Increased blood flow to support firmer erections, larger size, and more endurance.
  3. GAINSWave treatment is a noninvasive, naturally-based treatment. Low-intensity but high-frequency sound waves are employed to obliterate plaque and open up blood flow to improve your erection capabilities. A series of short sessions is all it takes to experience noticeable results. 

Wait no longer to get treatment if you experience ED symptoms. Call our office to make an appointment to discuss treatment options or reach out to us online. 

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