What Can Heal My Leaky Gut?

What Can Heal My Leaky Gut?

Leaky gut syndrome is not a condition that’s talked about a lot. Fortunately, it’s being discussed increasingly, as leaky gut is suspected to contribute to uncomfortable, chronic gastrointestinal (GI) tract conditions, as well as other issues. 

As you’d expect, Dr. Russell Bartels and Dr. Burt Webb have important insights on leaky gut syndrome. They’ve restored the health of many people with the condition because they look at your body’s systems as interrelated rather than isolated. 

That integrated approach allows them to better see that your health is impacted not just by what’s going on inside your body, but how you’re feeling emotionally, your lifestyle, and more. VitalityMDs offers treatments that can treat your leaky gut symptoms and restore the quality of life you used to enjoy. 

Is leaky gut syndrome real? 

After listening to our patients, we certainly believe it is! 

The problems with leaky gut syndrome start with weaknesses in your intestinal lining. It should be the strong and impervious foundation of your digestive system, but when chinks in the armor occur — openings in the lining that allow toxins and bacteria to travel into your bloodstream — problems ensue. Ideally, only water and nutrients from your food should pass through your intestinal lining. 

Don’t assume your intestinal lining is insignificant either — there is approximately 4,000 square feet of it in your body alone! It nurtures a delicate array of bacteria that must stay balanced for you to feel your best. 

The chronic symptoms of leaky gut syndrome include:

Additionally, leaky gut syndrome is believed to be related to conditions like Crohn’s disease, asthma, celiac disease, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Is there anything that can improve my leaky gut symptoms?

If we arrive at a diagnosis of leaky gut syndrome, we first discuss the risk factors you have control over. Though research is still being done to definitively pin down the causes of leaky gut syndrome, there are things you can do to lower your risk:

It’s also thought that living with certain health problems, like diabetes or autoimmune conditions, can raise the likelihood that you’ll experience leaky gut syndrome. 

Lifestyle choices that we know help leaky gut syndrome are quitting tobacco use, improving your diet, moving more, high-quality rest, lowering your stress, and only using antibiotic treatment if you really need it. 

The VitalityMDs team offers several treatments that help treat leaky gut syndrome, in addition to being mindful about how you take care of yourself:

1. Medically assisted weight loss

Our customized program includes nutritional counseling, hormone replacement therapy, our revolutionary “skinny shot” (weekly injections that lower inflammation, speed fat burning, and keep your energy up), and HCG hormonal supplements.

2. Stress management

This includes our team discussing things like your work-life balance, family demands, and stresses you deal with that are unique to your life or life stage. 

Stress reduction might include adopting a meditation practice, increased physical exercise, yoga, spending time in nature and with friends, and more. 

3. Addressing chronic conditions

When our team helps you keep a chronic condition in check, your overall health improves and leaky gut symptoms are likely to decrease, or even disappear entirely.

Why a functional medicine outlook matters

Because VItalityMDs takes a functional approach to treating your health, we examine your symptoms through many lenses. The interrelatedness of many factors, from your emotional state and environmental toxins in your home or office to what you eat and how much you prioritize exercise, all contribute greatly to your health.

The leaky gut treatments we offer, in addition to customized nutritional supplements and carefully considered prescription medications for chronic conditions, all serve to transform your health.

If you suspect leaky gut syndrome, don’t put off getting it treated. Call our office to schedule an appointment to get you on the road to recovery, or use our convenient online booking tool

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