Understanding the Different Types of IUDs

Understanding the Different Types of IUDs

Deciding which type of contraceptive you commit to has everything to do with your life and preferences. The choices are many — from a birth control pill you take daily to a patch, shot, a condom and spermicide, and more. 

One birth control method that offers you many advantages is the intrauterine device, or IUD.

The VitalityMDs team of providers, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, offers varied services and innovative treatments and is happy to discuss how an IUD might be the right choice for you and your partner. 

Our mission doesn’t just include treating you, it encompasses educating you on the best treatments to fit your needs and goals and an openness to answering all of your questions. 

Understanding an IUD and why many women choose them

An IUD is a very small, plastic, “T”-shaped device that’s gently inserted vaginally at our office to prevent pregnancy. It does so by making it difficult for sperm to move and successfully reach an egg when you ovulate. Certain types of IUDs prevent you from ovulating. 

As with every birth control method, you must assess your needs. Fortunately, IUDs offer many advantages to women. A significant component of several IUDs is levonorgestrel, a female hormone — a progestin that has no estrogen. These IUDs present benefits such as:

A significant component of several IUDs is levonorgestrel, a female hormone — a progestin that has no estrogen. 

An IUD isn’t one size (or type)-fits-all

Just as you have many choices when it comes to effective contraception, we carry more than one type of IUD. We’re here to talk with you about your options, help you make the best decision, and consider your options while we assess your unique health history and current health into account. 

The IUDs that VitalityMDs offers are state-of-the-art, proven in their effectiveness, and include:

1. Mirena

The Mirena IUD releases the hormone we spoke of earlier, levonorgestrel, which thickens your cervical mucus. That poses a bigger challenge to sperm, rendering them unable to reach your egg.

2. Kyleena

The Kyleena IUD does everything that Mirena does but while releasing lower hormone doses.

3. SkylaⓇ

This IUD gives users the lowest levonorgestrel available. It’s the right option if you’re a woman who has learned via experience that she cannot tolerate high levonorgestrel levels. 

The effectiveness rating for IUDs decreases as time goes by, so talk to our team about how long the one you choose is anticipated to last. 

The IUD placement procedure

When you come to VitalityMDs to be fitted with an IUD, we have you lay on a sterile examining table in our office. Then, our doctor carefully opens your vagina with a device called a speculum to place your IUD. The entire process takes only about five minutes. 

With the aid of a small wand, your doctor places your IUD through your vaginal opening and cervix into your uterus. It’s as simple as that. You may experience a bit of cramping, but it’s not anything that feels too uncomfortable, and your IUD’s benefits give you lasting freedom from pregnancy. 

Check out our IUD service page to review the advantages of this type of birth control and consider how best to match your contraceptive method to your preferences. You can also check out a couple of videos that speak to the benefits of IUDs. 

Please call our office to schedule a consultation about birth control issues or reach out to us through our website

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