The Many Benefits of Functional Medicine

A traditional medical approach often sees a physician masking symptoms to provide relief — usually short-lived. For example, think laxatives for persistent constipation or the repeated use of painkillers for headaches that strike frequently. In reality, if your doctor delved deeper into these symptoms, they might find that they’re stress-related and something that can be treated without pharmaceuticals.

It is definitely smarter to address your stress in multiple ways by examining your diet, sleep quality, and overall work-life balance than giving you a quick-fix medication.

Dr. Russell Bartels and Dr. Burt Webb work within a functional medicine framework because they believe it’s always in their patients’ best interests. When the competent and caring VItalityMDs team treats you, they look for connections between your symptoms and take a conservative, preventive approach whenever possible. 

That care model successfully addresses a host of health conditions, from chronic pain to heart disease. In fact, a two-year study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine showed a direct connection between functional medicine treatment and higher health-related quality of life. 

Functional medicine: A more nuanced look at your health

It’s time that medicine became focused on the patient. Rather than waiting for problems to happen and playing “whack-a-mole” by suppressing one symptom in isolation — and then the next, and the next — it makes sense to see them as the interconnected threads in the web of health. 

Only when we proactively try to stop illness before it starts can we see true and lasting results. Similarly, by taking into account your health history, lifestyle, stress level, and other essential factors, we can uncover underlying problems and heal you.

Biggest benefits of functional medicine

We’ve developed a list of what we consider the most significant advantages of functional medicine:

1. Functional medicine isn’t a band-aid

If you want a long-term solution to your chronic headaches or meaningful steps that can lower your risk for diabetes, it takes more than an over-the-counter pain reliever here and there or a salad once in a while. 

What’s required is a deep dive into the lifestyle you practice every day, your genetic predisposition for disease, the conditions in which you live and work, your stress level, and more. All of these factors create your unique health snapshot at any given moment — an essential tool that guides your doctor’s approach to treatment.

2. Everything’s  interconnected

Traditionally, doctors didn’t see a symptom as a type of warning about your overall health. You might have received treatment for high cholesterol, but would they necessarily take it further and assess your risk for heart disease?

At VitalityMDs, Dr. Webb and Dr. Bartels take the proper time to talk with you and listen closely when you come in with symptoms or a concern. 

If you believe you may have sleep apnea, for example, hormonal imbalance, unhealthy eating habits, and tobacco use could all be contributing factors. Only a thorough assessment will yield answers. 

3. Functional medicine is science-based

Your body’s systems are complex, and the VitalityMDs team honors that. The functional medicine approach to treatment is research and evidence-based. 

4. You are unique (and so is every patient)

We treat you as an individual because there’s no one else exactly like you. 

For instance, your tolerance for heat and humidity may be much higher than for another person. The intense Scottsdale summer may pose few problems for you but might bring on asthma, loss of appetite, and skin problems for someone else. We take these distinctions into account.

Functional medicine offers truly personalized care. 

5. Prevention is paramount

When treating you from a functional medicine perspective, our team heads off health problems rather than letting them fester until they become full-blown chronic problems. We address diet and exercise, for example, so your risk for a chronic condition like type 2 diabetes is diminished. 

Likewise, if you already live with type 2 diabetes, we can help you manage it better using functional medicine tools.

6. Treatments that make a difference

We offer diverse, innovative, and highly customized treatment combinations. If you’re needing to lose weight, we provide nutritional counseling, testing to see if you have food sensitivities, dietary supplements, injections that help with weight loss, and meal planning advice. 

Whether you have unwanted pounds, a hormonal imbalance, sexual issues, or a chronic condition, Dr. Webb and Dr. Bartels consider themselves your long-term health partners and coaches. 

With the right combination of questions, considerations, and solutions, your health and energy can be restored — and we can stave off many more serious health problems. 

Call our office to set up an in-depth functional medicine consultation or book one online through our website. 

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