The Importance of Facials for Maintaining Healthy Skin

The Importance of Facials for Maintaining Healthy Skin

Your skin is a reflection of many things: your overall health, mood, the cumulative time you’ve spent in the sun, and more. Taking great care of your skin is not only essential to good self-care, but it also supports your health and self-esteem. 

Our aesthetics specialists and other talented team members at VitalityMDs offer the best treatments to pamper your skin and keep it glowing and healthy. Our skin services include microneedling, medical-grade peels, access to superior skin care products, and more. 

When you come to us for an aesthetic treatment, it’s relaxing and invigorating.

The role that a facial plays in optimal skin care

A facial gives your skin the TLC that it needs. Your epidermis endures a lot of wear-and-tear from sun and pollution to stress and lack of rest. You also may be facing issues like enlarged pores, discoloration, or conditions like acne and rosacea. 

In addition to daily cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, a facial can do much to calm and soothe your skin, as well as address individual conditions or problems you may be dealing with. 

A facial tailored to you

A facial may be just what the doctor ordered. We offer several types depending on your needs and goals, each with its unique benefits:

1. Oxygen facials

Oxygen is essential for life. By oxygenating your skin cells, you’re breathing life into them. When you get an oxygen facial, we cleanse your face and apply pressurized oxygen and serum to your skin via a special handheld wand so your skin is infused with enriching oxygenated serum. 

The whole process takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. It is completely non-invasive and requires no post-procedure downtime. 

Celebrities favor these facials — and you can too — because they not only have a plumping and beautifying effect, but they also address acne and hormonal breakouts. 

2. The vampire facial

So named because it uses your own platelet-rich plasma to stimulate collagen production, the vampire facial offers many benefits.

This is a type of restorative treatment because it harnesses your body’s own healing capabilities. 

We take a small blood sample from you, spin it in a device called a centrifuge, and the resulting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is reinjected into your face. It also increases the blood supply to your skin. 

Often used in combination with a microneedling treatment, the vampire facial makes your skin radiant while addressing problems such as discoloration, acne and chickenpox scarring, sun damage, and fine lines. 

The only aftereffects you may notice from a vampire facial are slight sensitivity and a pink tone to your skin for just 1-2 days, but the day after your facial, you’re free to wear makeup to conceal it. 

3. Dermaplane facials

Dermaplaning is a skin procedure where your aesthetician carefully and gently glides a special sharp tool over your skin to remove hair, dead skin, oil, and dirt. The facial also includes the application of an enzyme to your skin, and we perform any needed extractions. 

Afterward, your skin is noticeably cleaner, brighter, and smoother, with any fine lines, scarring, and hyperpigmentation minimized. 

Don’t skimp on facials because they’re pivotal to a well-rounded skincare plan. 

Even better, by joining our VitalityMDs rewards program, you can save $50 on any aesthetic service of your choosing, including our fantastic facials! 

Call our office at 928-683-7912 to schedule an appointment for a facial or book one through our website

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