Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction: Learn About Our Solutions

If your latest date night was cut short by your inability to get or sustain an erection, your self-esteem has probably taken a major hit and the current state of affairs could be a source of tension in your relationship. It also might not be the first time it’s happened.

There are treatments that can help with this problem, which should give you hope. Dr. Russell Bartels has been delivering great care to the Scottsdale, Arizona, community for many years, and his practice offers several effective treatment options if you’re suffering from this particular problem.

The VitalityMDs team gets its name from helping patients feel more vital, and vitality and virility for men are connected. Having problems in the bedroom on occasion is perfectly normal, but if it happens often, it’s time you met with us. 

The complex roots of erectile dysfunction

Your brain and body work in concert when you get an erection. As you become aroused, blood flows to your penis, promoting an erection. 

Your erectile activity is influenced by a diverse array of factors, from your physical health to your emotional state, and you may not be aware of how many things can lead to erectile dysfunction, or ED:

The very stress of struggling with ED can further perpetuate the problem. Since your erection is fueled by blood, anything that compromises your blood vessels can contribute to problems becoming erect or maintaining an erection.

Your role in preventing and alleviating erectile dysfunction

Some of the factors that contribute to ED are ones you can control. Practicing healthier lifestyle habits like eating a nutritious diet, exercising regularly (which helps both your energy and your mood), and quitting smoking or drinking alcohol can all help keep erectile dysfunction at bay, as can effectively managing stress.

Other factors you can’t control, however. These include your age, whether you take certain ED-causing medications, or if you have a condition like diabetes (though lifestyle changes can sometimes help with that too). 

If self-care isn’t enough to correct erectile dysfunction

The VitalityMDs team is ready to work with you if you haven’t been able to find relief for your erectile dysfunction. We believe that every issue we treat, including erectile dysfunction, should first be viewed through the lens of your medical history.

Did your symptoms come on suddenly or have you been struggling for a while?

Next, we look at your health currently and whether you have any chronic conditions. Sometimes addressing these is enough to take care of the problem. 

If, after taking these steps, the condition persists, we offer other treatments for erectile dysfunction that have been proven successful. 

Oral medications 

We offer prescription oral medications that stimulate blood flow to your penis. When taken prior to sexual intercourse, they’ll help you get and keep an erection with help from your partner. 

The P-Shot 

We’ve also added an exciting treatment to our menu called the P-ShotⓇ, short for Priapus Shot. 

Priapus was the Greek god of fertility, and the procedure named after him harnesses the power of an exciting field called regenerative medicine, in which your body’s own mechanisms play a big part in your healing and penile restoration.

The P-Shot uses your own reconstituted blood to fuel and enhance erections. 

During the short procedure, a VitalityMDs team member numbs you and takes a small blood sample. It’s processed in a centrifuge spinning device, which separates your platelets. These concentrated platelets are then reinjected into your penis. You’re comfortable throughout.

Though you can see results in as little as 24 hours with platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), you may experience some slight bruising and swelling that can accompany the procedure. After several more treatments, you generally see results in the weeks and months that follow.

Don’t suffer another day with erectile dysfunction

We know that the longer ED goes on, the more of a strain it puts on your relationship. Call our office or book an appointment online to see which of our solutions is right for you. 

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