Is It Erectile Dysfunction or Normal Aging?

Has the quality of intimacy with your partner plummeted due to problems getting or maintaining an erection? If so, know that you’re far from alone. Though many men experience these problems at some point in their lives, it’s not technically considered erectile dysfunction, or ED, unless it happens over 50% of the time during sexual activity

Dr. Russell Bartels is an expert in treating erectile dysfunction here at VitalityMDs, as is our nurse practitioner, Gina Tome. They offer a range of advanced treatments for ED that are safe and effective and have earned the trust of their Scottsdale, Arizona, residents in treating this sensitive issue.

What factors contribute to erectile dysfunction?

If erectile problems prevent you from having satisfying intercourse, it’s important to remember that arousal is fueled by diverse factors, including your emotional well-being, chronic conditions, and physiological factors. 


Advancing age is one of the most significant factors connected to erectile issues, and men often wonder if ED is simply an inevitability that goes along with getting older. 

That said, plenty of men under the age of 40 are affected, so it may be more accurate to say that though ED affects older men more frequently, the condition is also connected to many physical and emotional conditions that aren’t related to age. 

Sometimes, men experience ED often because of decreased testosterone levels, a natural result of aging, but it turns out that the majority of ED is connected to a wide range of common underlying health issues: 

We also know that lifestyle factors like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and a lack of high-quality rest are linked to erectile dysfunction. Since every man reacts to prescription medications differently, that can contribute to your ED as well.

There are solutions for erectile dysfunction

The good news? Men of any age who are struggling with ED have multiple treatment options that help get you back to your normal sexual rhythms. VitalityMDs offers: 

The P-shot, also known as the Priapus shotⓇ, is a regenerative treatment. It harnesses your body’s own ability to heal. During a P-shot session, we draw a small blood sample from your arm and prepare it in a device called a centrifuge. 

After applying an anesthetic, we reinject the concentrated growth factors into your penis to stimulate increased blood flow. Healthy blood vessels are key in producing healthy erections, and the P-shot rejuvenates and stimulates the creation of new blood vessels. It also enlarges your penis. 

After P-shot treatment, you enjoy higher-quality, longer, and more frequent erections, as well as better sensitivity and overall sexual stamina. 

Another treatment that jumpstarts blood vessel production, improves blood flow, and introduces growth factors is GAINSWave. This non-invasive treatment delivers high-frequency, low-intensity shock waves to your penis safely and painlessly. 

GAINSWave shock wave therapy treatments are about 20 minutes long, and Dr. Bartels usually advises a series of 6-12 sessions to get the best results. After treatment with this patented platform, you experience higher quality, longer, and harder erections. Treatment results last an average of 2-3 years. 

To learn more, check out this informational video

When ED is caused by other issues

We also help men affected by Peyronie’s disease, a curvature of the penis that develops as a result of scarring from an injury. The condition prevents men from having intercourse altogether or simply makes it too painful. We’ve seen great success with GAINSWave therapy for those struggling with Peyronie’s disease. The treatments cause the scar tissue to disintegrate, create new blood vessels, and minimize the curve in the penis. 

Also, talk to Dr. Bartels about what changes you can make to support a healthy lifestyle that leads to better erections, including quitting smoking, eating better, or managing your stress. If he finds that you have one or more chronic conditions, he can treat those too, which directly affects your ability to get and maintain an erection. 

Don’t live with erectile dysfunction another day

ED isn’t only due to normal aging. Fortunately, there are many safe and effective treatment options for ED. Don’t delay scheduling a consultation with us by calling our office or requesting one online

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