How the Viveve® System Can Improve Your Vaginal Health in Just One Session

Vaginal atrophy is a surprisingly common condition affecting women of menopausal age — yet it’s a condition that’s rarely talked about. That could be in part because the symptoms it causes — painful sex, vaginal itching and burning, and urinary incontinence — can be embarrassing topics for many women to discuss, even with their doctors. Or it could be because a lot of women think of these symptoms as part of the “natural” process that comes with aging.

Thankfully, women don’t have to suffer with vaginal atrophy. Thanks to Viveve® treatments at VitalityMDs, women can be relieved of vaginal atrophy symptoms, while restoring normal vaginal health. The best part? Viveve® treatments means no hormone medications or invasive surgical procedures.

Why vaginal atrophy occurs

Your vagina requires a stable level of the hormone estrogen to stay lubricated and healthy. Without adequate lubrication, you can experience a lot of pain and discomfort — and sometimes even bleeding — during and after sex. Low levels of natural lubricants can also leave you at a much greater risk of developing vaginal infections and even urinary tract infections. In some cases, you might have sensations of burning, itching, or “scratchiness” inside or around your vagina as a result of poor lubrication. Since estrogen levels naturally drop during menopause (and even during the years leading up to menopause), it’s easy to see why vaginal atrophy occurs most commonly among older women.

The decline in estrogen is a major cause of vaginal atrophy, but it’s not the only one. As we age, our bodies also produce a lot less collagen and elastin, two fibers found in connective tissue. Both collagen and elastin are what helps our skin stay firm and smooth when we’re younger, and they also help keep the vagina elastic and resilient. When the production of these fibers decreases, the vagina can become loose and lax, increasing the symptoms of vaginal atrophy. Vaginal childbirth and urinary incontinence can also increase the risk of developing vaginal. Over time, weak vaginal walls may allow your bladder, uterus, or bowel to “drop” into the vaginal canal, a painful condition called prolapse.

How Viveve® works to correct vaginal atrophy

The Viveve® system uses a special wand-shaped device that’s inserted into the vagina. Once it’s in place, the wand emits a steady stream of radiofrequency energy that penetrates the vaginal walls to gently heat up vaginal tissue. This gentle, consistent heating improves firmness and stimulates natural lubrication in the vagina while also promoting collagen and elastin development. The Viveve® treatment takes just a half-hour and it’s completely painless; most women report a warming sensation as the radiofrequency energy is absorbed.

Once your treatment is complete, you can expect to see the initial results of your session within about 30 days as collagen and elastin remodeling take place. Optimal results will be apparent in about 90 days. All it takes is a single treatment to achieve results, with annual touch-up treatments to maintain those results indefinitely.

While Viveve® is commonly used among older women, you don’t have to be in menopause to enjoy the benefits. Viveve® can restore vaginal tonicity in women who’ve had multiple vaginal births and in any woman who’s lost tone and firmness in her vagina. And in every case, Viveve® lets women achieve results without relying on long-term courses of hormone medications.

Restore your vaginal health with Viveve®

At VitalityMDs, we want every one of our patients to enjoy optimal health at every age and every stage of life. Why suffer from the symptoms of vaginal atrophy when they're completely treatable? To learn how the Viveve® system can improve your vaginal health and relieve uncomfortable symptoms, contact the practice today by calling 480-425-8700 or requesting an appointment online.

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