How Medical Weight Loss Can Help Balance Your Hormones

How Medical Weight Loss Can Help Balance Your Hormones

If you struggle with your weight, you probably already know that it impacts your overall health.

The caring team at VitalityMDs, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, offers patients the smartest and healthiest way to lose weight. Medically supervised weight loss combines support and monitoring from our staff while you’re on your weight loss journey. We mix treatment approaches, so they work for your unique needs and goals. 

Weight loss and your health

Most people know that excess weight has significant health ramifications, such as: 

A less-discussed but still critical concern associated with weight challenges is hormonal imbalance.

Why hormonal balance is important

Your endocrine system is your body’s sophisticated chemical messenger system, and it’s responsible for ensuring your body’s systems work properly. Your hormones impact your:

Considering how many functions your hormones control, it’s easy to understand why they are so important. 

Weight challenges are connected to several hormonal problems, including increased insulin resistance, lower levels of testosterone in men, and reduced ovulation in women. 

Fortunately, weight loss has been found to correct and balance hormonal levels, and getting to a healthy weight brings a variety of health benefits.

How can I lose weight successfully to balance my hormones? 

VItalityMDs is here to help you create a weight loss plan that will work, offer support, and cheer you on. Part of our support includes monitoring your hormone levels as you lose weight. 

We provide you with innovative treatments, including:

HCG is a hormone your body makes that promotes fat burning, cuts hunger, and preserves muscle. We can administer HCG supplements as well. 

Though everyone is different, many people following our plan end up shedding 15-30 pounds in only a month! Often, weight loss is the only thing needed to correct your imbalanced hormones, but if it’s not enough, we prescribe hormone replacement therapy.

Though medical weight loss is just one pillar of our functional medicine approach to care, it’s essential if you want to live your healthiest life and lower your risk for disease. 

Call our office to find out more about how medical weight loss can help if you have hormone imbalance problems. Book an appointment then or schedule one online

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