How Functional Medicine Can Help You

In the past, physicians were authorities and patients were to follow instructions, no questions asked. Care was also highly medicalized and disease-focused, with less importance given to emotional well-being. 

Thankfully these days, your care is in the hands of both you and your doctor — a true partnership. Now you are treated as a whole, meaning your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are all parts of the care equation. 

Dr. Russell Bartels and Dr. Burt Webb believe strongly in this model of medicine, so much so that one of the primary services they offer at VitalityMDs is functional medicine, an all-encompassing care philosophy that deeply examines the myriad factors that contribute to the current and future state of your health. 

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine combines the best of several treatment orientations into an approach that addresses the “micro” qualities that affect your health, as well as the “macro” ones. When assessing your health and providing treatment, our team considers:

The functional medicine approach requires that our team integrates all aspects of your life that impact your health, examines your conditions from a root cause perspective, and provides science and evidence-based care. 

Put simply, you are not just your symptoms. 

Who can benefit from treatment centered on functional medicine principles?

Everyone can. Functional medicine benefits you if you’re currently healthy and have no chronic conditions or if you live with one or more ongoing health challenges. 

If your health is good, our providers work with you to keep you in continued good health by providing preventive care, whether that’s “knowing your numbers” ( your weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.), screening for anxiety, depression, and other behavioral health issues, and ensuring that you get needed preventive tests, such as mammograms and colonoscopies. 

If you have a serious chronic condition like diabetes or heart disease, our providers examine it with the knowledge that any condition has multiple causes, and that one cause can lead to many conditions. 

For example, chronic inflammation contributes to heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and more. If our team diagnoses you with inflammation, they know to assess your risk for these and other diseases as well. 

Conversely, if we are treating you for diabetes, we screen you for inflammation, so the way you’re monitored for disease covers every imaginable possibility. This should put your mind at ease about the completeness of your care.  

The tools of functional medicine

When you’re treated within a functional medicine framework, you enjoy a long-term collaborative relationship with our team to serve a common goal: enhancing and preserving your health. To do this, VitalityMDs uses diverse, progressive tools, including:

Functional medicine meets you where you are. If you need help with weight loss, we provide a customized plan based on your preferences, sensitivities, and instruction on how you can plan and cook healthy meals at home.

If you have energy problems, sexual dysfunction, or menopausal issues, hormone therapy and other solutions can help. 

Learn how functional medicine can help you

Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your health and how our functional medicine approach can optimize it. Call our office at 480-425-8700 or request an appointment with your preferred practitioner on our website.

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