Don’t Ignore These Sexual Health Problems

Don’t Ignore These Sexual Health Problems

Health issues that affect intimacy with your partner can cause significant tension in your relationship. Furthermore, sexual health issues are also more difficult to discuss with your doctor because these topics can be sensitive.

If you’re dealing with sexual health issues, don’t stay silent; especially when the caring team at VitalityMDs is here to listen, treat, and care for you. Dr. Russell Bartels and Dr. Burt Webb offer many solutions to issues like hormonal imbalance to erectile dysfunction. 

Sexual health problems aren’t just physical

When the quality of your sex life plummets, your emotional health is adversely affected, and the longer it goes on, the more stress you feel. 

It’s also a common misconception to think that you’re the only one experiencing these problems. That couldn’t be further from the truth — it’s estimated that 43% of women and 31% of men experience some form of sexual dysfunction.

End the sexual dysfunction stigma

Our provider team at VitalityMDs offers a wide range of advanced treatments for numerous sexual health problems. We’re dedicated to finding the right treatment solution for you, and always keep your medical history, treatment preferences, and goals front and center. 

We’ve outlined our treatments so you can skim them and consider which ones might be appropriate for you.

Women’s sexual dysfunction and treatments

As women experience transitions like childbirth and menopause, their vaginal tissue can become quite loose, while vaginal atrophy causes pain during sex due to the thinning of the vaginal tissues.  

These problems can make you avoid intercourse because it feels embarrassing, and it can hurt.

We offer minimally invasive treatments that rejuvenate vaginal tissue by boosting collagen production — the protein in your body’s connective tissue that makes it resilient. We also offer minimally invasive surgical options for these problems, including:

Men’s sexual dysfunction and treatments

Many men experience erectile dysfunction, and many others simply want enhancement. We have treatments that help with these problems, as well as Peyronie's disease — when scar tissue develops on your penis due to repeated injury, causing a curved erection. There are multiple treatment options for men, including: 

Both men’s and women’s hormones fluctuate as they get older, and hormone replacement therapy helps restore your ability to have and enjoy sex again. 

We also believe in the functional medicine approach, where we explore to find the root cause of your sexual health problem. It might be lifestyle-related, and sometimes the solution is losing weight or managing your stress better. Addressing a chronic condition can also help. 

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