Am I a Good Candidate for Weight Loss Injections?

If you’re like countless holiday revelers, you overindulged over the past couple of months, and that may have put you in place of discouragement about your weight. And this is especially true if being overweight or obese has been a struggle for most of your life. 

The caring team at VitalityMDs doesn’t take the issue of weight loss lightly and we offer solutions. We know there are scores of fad diets and impossible-to-stick-to plans out there that feature foods that can’t be considered “real” by any stretch. 

Dr. Russell Bartels and Dr. Burt Webb treat you using medically sound tools so you can gain control of your weight and live an active, well-nourished life again. We offer the innovative treatment of weight loss injections — painless, quick shots that get you to your goal weight faster.

The risks of being overweight

It can’t be stressed enough: carrying excess weight raises your risk for an array of life-altering health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and more. Studies show that shedding just 5-10% of your weight can really benefit your health

And did you know that being overweight can even contribute to depression and anxiety? There’s no question that your overall health — mental and physical — is compromised by those extra pounds.

If you’ve tried countless times to lose weight in as many different ways, don’t throw up your hands just yet. 

Can weight loss injections really help me lose weight?

The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” We customize your medically supervised weight loss plan and learn all we can about your medical history, ask about how long you’ve struggled, and educate you about what your healthy weight loss plan will look like. 

An innovative component of our weight loss program is weight loss injections to help jumpstart the process. The pivotal ingredient in these injections is Vitamin B12s, which is critical to our health. The vitamin helps you produce red blood cells and DNA and supports neurological functioning. 

We don’t produce Vitamin B12 and the conundrum is that we can have problems absorbing it, leading many people to be deficient — especially those who eat few or no animal products. A condition called pernicious anemia can occur when you can’t properly absorb B12. That can lead to feelings of weakness. 

B12 is found in milk, cheese, poultry, fish, and meat, and there are also cereals and other foods that are fortified with it. B12 supplements are available, too. But when delivered via injection, B12 can get your weight loss started with a bang.

Our B12 “skinny shots” help wipe out your fat by:

We’re delighted to report that people who opt for weight loss injections say that their B12 shots skyrocketed their energy! There’s much to like about this weight loss tool, which you can just pop in our office weekly to get, and then get right back into your daily routine with zero side effects. 

One piece of the weight loss puzzle

Since we’re proponents of a functional medicine philosophy, we first seek to find the root cause of your health challenges, and weight is often at the core of so many problems, from joint pain to sleeplessness. If you live with any chronic conditions, we help you manage them by providing successful strategies you can incorporate easily into your life. 

When our team treats you for weight loss, we combine advanced modalities that may also include:

In addition to looking great, weight loss keeps your energy levels high and can improve your outlook on life. Again, what you eat influences how your body performs and determines how you feel — it’s all interconnected.

This is real weight loss

You might be shocked to learn that you should expect to lose anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds in a month on the VitalityMDs plan. It’s true; we don’t see factors that support weight loss as isolated. We pull it all together and provide a holistic treatment plan transforming. 

Call the VitalityMDs office today at 480-372-3103 or book an appointment online. You might be a prime candidate for weight loss injections. 

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