5 Ways to Promote Long-Term Sexual Health

Sexual health is often overlooked when we talk about our overall health with our doctors. And we understand, it can still feel unsettling to discuss frankly with a medical provider about sex, sexual dysfunction, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). 

Dr. Russell Bartels, Dr. Burt Webb, and the entire team at VitalityMDs understand that your sexual health and well-being represents a significant component of your overall health — both physical and emotional — and that it shouldn’t be ignored. 

How can I support my sexual health throughout my life?

We believe that, in partnership with you, many strategies can enhance your sexual health, now and in the future. We’ve created a list of things to keep in mind as you approach self-care that’s focused on your sexual self.

1. Screenings are a must

If you’re sexually active, you need to take responsibility for ensuring that you’re as healthy as can be concerning STIs, using birth control responsibly, and managing health conditions that can impact your intimate relationships. 

When you come to us for a wellness exam, our providers examine you and learn in detail about your medical history. 

If you’re a woman, our team may perform a Pap test to ensure that there’s no suspicious cervical cell activity, most of which is fueled by the human papillomavirus. And if you’re experiencing any symptoms that can create obstacles to intimacy, such as incontinence and discomfort caused by conditions like endometriosis, we can address those as well.

If you’re male, our providers screen you for prostate cancer and talk to you about treatment options if you’re experiencing a condition like low testosterone or difficulty maintaining an erection. 

2. Know you’re not alone — and there are solutions! 

There are several types of sexual dysfunction that affect your ability to be intimate with your partner. The culprits range from stress and chronic health conditions to hormonal imbalances and life stage issues, such as the transition to menopause.

We offer a range of advanced treatments for men that include the regenerative therapy called the P-ShotⓇ for erectile dysfunction and GainsWaveⓇ treatment, which improves penile blood flow. 

For women who struggle with arousal and orgasm issues, we offer Cliovana™ treatments. They’re safe, painless, and life-altering! We also offer a wide range of rejuvenation treatments that address vaginal laxity. Options include noninvasive therapies and minimally invasive surgical procedures. 

3. Feeling desirable 

It might not seem important, but how we feel about ourselves and how we look can greatly impact our sexual self-esteem and intimacy. To provide you with holistic care, we offer diverse aesthetics treatments that are safe. These treatments can be a powerful aphrodisiac! We can enhance your skin with:

We even offer the Pink Intimate peel treatment that revitalizes and lightens women’s external vaginal tissues, as well as skin in other areas.

4. Pay attention to other health conditions

Chronic conditions like diabetes or struggling with weight gain can put a damper on desire and affect your sexual health. We offer healthy lifestyle and nutritional counseling in conjunction with other treatments to aid in controlling chronic conditions and losing weight.

We also offer CoolSculptingⓇ, an FDA-approved non-invasive treatment that can rid you of fat in your most stubborn trouble spots. 

5. Your sexual health shouldn’t be compartmentalized

We believe in a functional medicine approach to your care, which means that we find the root cause of your health problem instead of focusing on the symptoms. Your physical, mental, and sexual health are intertwined, and we create your treatment plan with this in mind.

Call the VitalityMDs office to schedule a consultation about your sexual health, or contact us through our website. Whether you’re looking for routine sexual wellness care or need to address a specific issue, we’re here for you.

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