5 Reasons You May Benefit From Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Your endocrine glands deliver hormones to every system and organ in your body with specific instructions about what tasks they should perform and on what schedule. Hormones are indeed your body’s great regulators. 

When your hormones become imbalanced, your health suffers in ways large and small. You might struggle with mood swings, weight fluctuations, energy and sleep challenges, or low libido.

Dr. Russell Bartels and Dr. Burt Webb of VitalityMDs treat patients who suffer from a wide range of symptoms that stem from hormonal imbalances frequently, and with great success. 

The entire VitalityMDs team offers only the most advanced care and does so with unmatched compassion.  

Hormone replacement therapy is essential to treating imbalances

Dr. Bartels and Dr. Webb are big believers in the significant and varied benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which is hormonal supplementation made from either synthetic or bio-identical hormones. The bio-identical hormones are increasingly favored because they match the ones your body makes. 

As men and women age, hormonal imbalances begin to emerge. Women often experience uncomfortable menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, digestive issues, and hair growth or loss, while imbalances in men can result in insulin resistance and a foggy brain.

Both men and women can experience life-altering sexual problems as a result of hormone problems, too. Women complain of low desire and painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness, while men often experience erectile dysfunction

Many benefits of hormone replacement therapy

We often recommend bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to our patients when they complain of these varied symptoms. There are many reasons to consider HRT, but here are five of the best.

1. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy addresses a plethora of problems

From menopausal discomfort and sexual dysfunction to lack of mental clarity and sleep disturbances, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is an effective solution for these problems and more. 

2. HRT doesn’t just address physical issues

The VitalityMDs team knows that you’re a multifaceted person. Your physical and emotional health are equally important. If these two vital aspects of your being aren’t balanced, you may not feel physically robust or mentally strong. 

A day of low energy or sadness is normal here and there, but if these problems persist, hormone replacement therapy could help restore your energy, resilience, and mood. 

3. Hormone replacement therapy’s benefits outweigh risks

For most people, there are more pros than cons when it comes to taking bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. 

Unfortunately, in the early days of hormone therapy treatment, a particular mixture of synthetic hormones — estrogen and progestin — was shown to raise menopausal women’s breast cancer risk

But because Dr. Bartels and Dr. Webb offer bio-identical hormones with fewer risks and take an exhaustive survey of not only your family medical history but your personal medical history as well, they carefully weigh the benefit-risk ratio before prescribing any sort of HRT for you. 

4. With bio-identical HRT, you’ve got freedom of choice

We offer hormone replacement therapy in multiples forms:

Every patient has different needs and preferences. By offering this array of treatment options, we’ve got you covered.

5. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is customized to you

Starting with the blood sample we take and analyze, we build an HRT treatment plan around the particular challenges you're experiencing and set goals together, as a team.

You’re not a number here and we’re invested in creating a bio-identical HRT regimen that’s as closely matched to your needs as possible. 

Take a closer look at bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

Call our office at 480-425-8700 or use our convenient online booking tool to discuss what bio-identical HRT could do for you. 

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